Faces Of Janus: The Beginning

Faces Of Janus: The Beginning

by Andy McKell

Publication Date: 07/07/2017


2091. The Earth is failing. But escape is possible.

Global warming, overpopulation, war, and terrorism are destroying the Earth. The Mars Mission is humanity's last hope. The global elites construct ten vast spaceships to escape the coming disaster. The plan is to ferry mankind to safety by colonizing Mars. But...

It is a lie.

It is the world's greatest corporate conspiracy.

Security agent Angel Flores and her lover, Zag Bishop, piece together leaked and stolen information to reveal the truth. They fight to become a part of humanity's greatest adventure.

Their world is one of double-dealing and betrayal. Success is uncertain. Death is close. Failure is not an option.

But danger comes not only from the outside. Zag's growing attraction to Katya Ulyanov, a damaged girl with a secret past, risks his relationship with Angel and the entire escape plan.

The hardest journey is the one on Earth. The stars can wait.

How can this broken team overcome the obstacles and escape to a paradise?

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