Fade: Shadows Of The Past

Fade: Shadows Of The Past

by Paul English
Publication Date: 25/04/2019

Dawn Armstong, the outcast of White-Moor Hill, suffers from nyctophobia. She is constantly disturbed by the return of her childhood nightmares and the resulting lack of sleep causes her to see things, as though she were hallucinating. Now she’s convinced that someone is stalking her but no-one believes her.

The appearance of a few strangers in Whitemoor Hill coincides with a student’s sudden death, but is it in fact

a suicide as the authorities suggest? What is its connection to Dawn? Whom can she trust? The new boy at Rhoades University? The substitute teacher? Could one of them be her stalker and, above all, what is the truth behind her mysterious power which enable her to maniplate the shadows...?

Thriller / suspense
Publication Date:
Paul English

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