Fake Marriage To A Movie Star

Fake Marriage To A Movie Star

by Kat Cantrell

Publication Date: 12/03/2020


How can she trust him with her heart when he’s built a career on make-believe?

Eliza Moore’s safe, sweet online romance is exactly what she wants. Mostly. She’s been burned in the past, so she ignores her longing for a man she can see and touch. Introducing reality to her fantasy relationship would ruin it.

Joaquin Cortez plays the part of a celebrity during the day and at night, he escapes into a virtual relationship with the only woman he’s ever shown the real man behind the curtain. Ironic since she has no idea she’s been chatting with a Hollywood A-Lister.

When fate lands them face to face on the set of a movie, their chemistry is instant. Undeniable. Impossible. Falling for each other is a complete and utter betrayal of the person on the other side of their computer screens. Isn’t it?

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Fake Marriage To A Movie Star

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Adult & contemporary romance
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Cross My Heart Publishing

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