Fathering Stories

Fathering Stories

by Dr. Kyle AshleeRev. Dr. Matthew L. Kelley Joe Saucedo and others

Publication Date: 01/06/2020


Fatherhood is one of life's greatest adventures. From the moment their children are born, dads everywhere embark on a lifelong journey that guarantees joy, struggle, heartache, and glory with every step. Full of truth and wisdom, the stories of fatherhood must be preserved and passed on. Fathering Stories, Volume 1 is an anthology of such stories from members of the Fathering Together community. In these pages, you will discover harrowing tales from new fathers about birth and beyond, honest accounts of men embracing fatherhood in the 21st century, and incredible anecdotes of dads forging a family despite the odds. Written by ordinary fathers, these extraordinary stories of fatherhood hold nothing back and lay bare the raw moments that shape dads into the stuff of legends.

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