Feminine Lost

Feminine Lost 1

by Jennifer Granger

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 28/01/2014

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Feminine Lost explores the premise that all human beings are constructed of two energies, one masculine and one feminine. With the rise of the feminist movement, many women have migrated to their masculine side, some to the extent of losing access to their feminine side altogether. As a consequence, men have found their way to their feminine side. This process has had huge consequences for relationships between men and women, often leaving them feeling unsatisfied within their relationships or lonely without one.

Feminine Lost examines female archetypes – the Andro Woman, the Cougar, the Good Doer, and more - that have come to the fore since the feminist movement, pairing them with their masculine opposite, and looking at how the process of attraction functions under these circumstances. When the feminine principle breaks down, the ramifications are many. Feminine Lost breaks through the misunderstanding of what it means to be feminine; it is not an outward appearance but something far more significant.

Gender studies: women
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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3 / 5 (1 Ratings)

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    This book has been absolutely essential in helping me to realize why i have been failing with previous relationships.

    The Authors views about Femininity and that of it being LOST are wonderful. She is inspirational in her mission to convey that Women can and should be successful and feminine all at the same time. Previously i had no comprehension of the theory that one Female is made up of two energies; both a feminine energy and masculine energy.

    Furthermore, how these energy compositions are different for each and every one of us.

    In particular, the chapter on the 'Andro -Woman' was a real eye opener for me. Recognizing this women, how she operates, how she behaves and how this type of woman has affected me both on a person and professional level. WOW.

    A really great read. I would highly recommend this book to any Female (or Male) who is looking for more balance in their personal or professional life with regards to relationships.

    This book has changed my views on relationships forever, for the better.