Finding the Succesful Psychopath

Finding the Succesful Psychopath

by Stephen Shepherd

Publication Date: 18/05/2015


Do you know a psychopath? Are you certain? Do you know the characteristics of a psychopath?

Should you avoid a psychopath? If so, do you know how to avoid a psychopath?

While garlic may hold off vampires and a cross may hold off Count Dracula, these talisman

relics have no effect on a true psychopath. Protect yourself. Stephen Shepherd introduces

the world to the successful psychopaths and once you understand the traits and actions of

such people, you will be able to spot a psychopath as far as you can see. And once you

realize the characteristics that dominate a psychopath, you will be stunned and amazed at

the identity of some of history's most successful and yet well concealed psychopaths who

have virtually ruled the world - at least a large part of it. A truly successful psychopath

can accomplish almost anything, including becoming the President of the United States.

So carry on, dear reader, and learn about the people around you. You are in for the

surprise of your life. But watch out, they are out there somewhere - or everywhere!

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