Five Doses

Five Doses

by Mark Cassell

Publication Date: 28/04/2018


From the author of the best-selling Shadow Fabric mythos, here are five doses of fiction across several genres.

In the fantasy story, ALONE WITH THE BONES, a thief is freed when mysterious and gigantic bones rise from the earth. IN LOVING MEMORY, with its subtle sci-fi undertones, brings us a sad tale of childhood mischief that unknowingly ends in adulthood. The cyberpunk episode, ALPHA BETA Gamma KILL, has been taken from the popular Chaos Halo series giving us a dystopian future where food is in short supply. With THE REBIRTH, we are shown Cassell's unquestionable passion for supernatural horror, in which a school teacher is gifted a peculiar Easter egg. Finally, there's the flash fiction steampunk piece, VANISHED, about the short-lived maiden voyage of an airship.

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Herbs House

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