Forbidden Warrior

Forbidden Warrior

by Kris Kennedy and Midsummer Knights
Publication Date: 14/04/2020

A Midsummer Knights Romance: A Tournament World of Chivalry, Intrigue, and Passion

Book 1 A Midsummer Knights Romance collection. Book 2 in the Renegade Lords series.

An outlawed Irish outlaw takes an arrogant heiress captive to ensure a debt is paid. What could possibly go wrong?

Irish outlaw and exile Máel has one thing left of the home he left behind: the legendary sword left to him by his father. When a treacherous English nobleman steals it on a mission gone wrong, Máel hunts the man down.

But when the scheming lord can not--or will not?--pay, Máel takes the only thing the man holds dear: his arrogant, cosseted daughter, Cassia.

Lady Cassia d'Argent has no time for outlawed warriors.

Heiress to a barony, she knows her value: a pawn. She intends to make the most of it. Her wily father means to wed her off to the highest bidder at the tournament, and Cassia will finally achieve her dream: a chivalrous knight in glittering armor to honor and esteem her.

But Máel is nothing like her dreams. He is bold, outspoken, has furs on his bed, and awakens a desire inside her more dangerous than a thousand swords.

What if this dangerous man becomes the dream she never dared to dream?

What if her father never pays the debt?

Worse…what if he does?

Can she rely on an outlaw to be more chivalrous than a knight?

If you like enemies to lovers romance, sexy banter, and forest romps, you'll love this book because it has orbidden passion and the romance of a lifetime.


Summer, 1193. England is in turmoil, and a great tournament is scheduled near the border of Scotland and England. The greatest knights and lords from England, Scotland, Ireland, and France have gathered to compete for a great prize. There will be celebrations, jousts, and feasting. It will an exhibition of chivalry and warrior skills, a breeding ground for treason…and for love.


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Historical romance
Publication Date:
Kris Kennedy

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