Forged In The Fire

Forged In The Fire

by David Kennedy
Publication Date: 30/11/2018

If you enjoyed the movie "FIREPROOF" then you will absolutely enjoy the book Forged In The Fire!

Firefighter Richard Jackson is a Born Again Christian in the New York City Fire Department. He's trying to lead his partner and best friend, Jerome Smith or "Smitty" as he is called around the fire station to the Lord.

When others would have given up, Richard forges on.

From the flames of an inferno to a prayer being said from a hospital bed, the doors swing open and the journey begins.

It's a journey full of questions about self-worth and doubt, a heart wrenching journey of failures and victories, and a journey of life and death.

Sit back and get comfortable as we climb aboard Engine 3 and head out to for a Christian's journey of a lifetime. Where we will learn God's will in our lives as Christians.

Graphic novels: true stories & non-fiction
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Diamondback Publishers International

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