Fractured Slipper

Fractured Slipper

by Adrienne MonsonElana Johnson Angela Brimhall and others

Publication Date: 18/01/2018


The Fairy Tale Ink is proud to present these five retold stories of the classic, Cinderella. A story for every readerfrom best-selling and award-winning authors!!

The Curse of February Fourteenth by Liz Isaacson: Cal Hodgkins, cowboy veterinarian at Bowman's Breeds, isn't planning to meet anyone at the masked dance in small-town Three Rivers. He just wants to get his bachelor friends off his back and sit on the sidelines to drink his punch. But when he sees a woman dressed in gorgeous butterfly wings and cowgirl boots with blue stitching, he's smitten. Too bad she runs away from the dance before he can get her name, leaving only her boot behind...

Cinder by Angela Corbett: Hunted by people who want to use her for her magic, Cinder is a mage in hiding until a chance encounter with an infuriating and handsome man threatens to ruin it all. Now Cinder has to decide if she's going to run, or use her power to fight with him. But exposing herself means everything could go up in smoke.

Rell Goes Hawaiian by Lehua Parker: When Rell’s stepmonster brings her to Hawaii, she should’ve known it wasn’t to celebrate her birthday. Despite Jerry Santos’s aloha hospitality, being in paradise isn’t all fun in the sun. Rell spends her birthday signing papers, taking care of her bratty step-siblings, and preparing for the big corporate bash she’s not allowed to attend. But the luau takes a sinister turn when Rell overhears her stepmonster's true plans for the land she’s acquiring. It’s going to take more than Ilima’s bibbity-bobbity boo for Rell to save Lauele Town and The National Abilities Surf Camp.

The Wrong Foot by Adrienne Monson: Felicia didn’t dance with anyone at the ball, yet her small feet have doomed her to marry a prince she doesn’t even know – a man desperate to find a mystery princess that he danced with that night. Felicia’s determined to find her and get out of this forced engagement… until the prince begins to capture her heart.

Time After Time by Angela Brimhall: When Cinderella gets to the ball, things begin to seem all too familiar, as if she’s been there before. Time loops, evil curses and one wicked glass slipper lead this princess on an adventure she won’t soon forget–until midnight.

Myth & legend told as fiction
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