Frailty (The DarkShine)

Frailty (The DarkShine)

by Jenika Snow

Publication Date: 03/08/2016


After the world has fallen prey to a race of vampires, Helina Alges struggles to stay alive. Living in a cave to survive and keep hidden proves difficult all on its own. But then a vampire takes a special interest in her, and she soon realizes she is the prey to a very deadly predator.

When she meets Gaijryc, the prince of the vampires who have claimed everything as their own, Helina has no choice but to trust him. But the attraction to Gaijryc is too hard to ignore.

How can Helina possibly care about a man who comes from a race who see her species as nothing but cattle?

Helina realizes not everyone is who they seem, and that dangers come in many forms. This will be a fight not only for herself, but for her very species.

Reader Note: This work was previously published as Forbidden.

Fantasy romance
Publication Date:
Jenika Snow

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