Free Amazons of Darkover

Free Amazons of Darkover

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Publication Date: 24/07/2018


This third anthology of all-original Darkover stories, first published in 1985, concentrates on the Free Amazons and contains the following stories: Knives, by Marion Zimmer Bradley; Legend of Lady Bruna, by Marion Zimmer Bradley; On the Trail, by Barbara Armistead; Tactics, by Jane M.H. Bigelow; Meeting, by Nina Boal; Her Own Blood, by Margaret L. Carter; Camel's Nose, by Susan Holtzer; Banshee, by Sherry Kramer; A Different Kind of Courage, by Mercedes Lackey; Girls Will Be Girls, by Patricia Shaw Mathews; Oath of the Free Amazons: Terran Version, by Jaida n'ha Sandra; The Mother Quest, by Diana L. Paxson; To Open a Door, by P. Alexandra Riggs; Midwife, by Deborah J. Ross; Recruits, by Maureen Shannon; Growing Pains, by Susan M. Shwartz; Cast Off Your Chains, by Margaret Silvestri; This One Time, by Joan Marie Verba; Child of the Heart, by Elisabeth Waters.

Short stories
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Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust

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