Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi

by Daniel Gibbins

Publication Date: 16/05/2015


Ted, the main character of this short story works in the computer industry. When he starts getting ill he makes a link to his long time exposure to Wi-Fi and sets out to understand the effects of Wi-Fi radiation on humans. He is shocked when he realises the original milatry uses of microwaves and damage being caused by Wi-Fi and tries to escape the effects by moving into the remote countryside but new phone masts are being built all the time and he realises that he needs to stay mobile if he is to be able to stay outside of the Wi-Fi zone. Ted quits his job in the computer industry and sets out to share his knowledge with the public who react violently against Wi-Fi and telecommunications when they understand the carcinogenic effects. However the industry and the mainstream media collude to discredit Ted by falsely accusing him of various deeds. In time the furore dies down and life goes back to normal as people forget the damage being caused by Wi-Fi and conclude that Ted was a nut-job, but Ted continues to share his message with those who will listen and uncovers the hidden sinister uses of Wi-Fi.

Contemporary fiction
Publication Date:
Daniel Gibbins

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