Future Science Fiction Digest issue 1

Future Science Fiction Digest issue 1

by Alex ShvartsmanMike Resnick Lawrence M Schoen and others

Publication Date: 12/12/2018


Science fiction magazine featuring stories from across the globe. In this issue we have original fiction and translations from China, the Ukraine, Nigeria, Italy, and the United States.

Fiction contents:"The Rule of Three" by Lawrence M. Schoen, "SisiMumu" by Walter Dinjos, "The Emperor of Death" by Marina and Sergey Dyachenko, "One Bad Unit" by Steve Kopka, "The Substance of Ideas" by Clelia Farris, "In All Possible Futures" by Dantzel Cherry, "Perfection" by Mike Resnick, "Wordfall" by Liang Ling.

Also included is an interview with Hollywood showrunners Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Jose Molina, an essay about the role of empire in SF storytelling, and a profile of Marina and Sergey Dyachenko by their translator and friend Julia Meitov Hersey.

Includes 65,000 words of fiction and articles.

Science fiction
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