Gain: Feedback Serial Book Five

Gain: Feedback Serial Book Five

by Shane Hall

Publication Date: 05/04/2018


A Dystopian Future Where Singing Is A Felony And Music Is Banned

The Red Season Begins

Eric turned fortune against his enemies, The Gate Web, and activated the worldwide augmented reality system known as Infinite Flight. But now Eric understands why the world was meant to be silent.

Infinite Flight restores the dead in the form of techno-ethereal "eidolons", allows people to imagine anything they wish or enter virtual reality dreams, and even has the potential to heal the post-nuclear wasteland.

It also separates the people into castes based on genetics, and instills a brutal, potentially lethal mind-toxin in response to loud noise or disruption, called the Red Haze.

Winona, Eric's fiancée, is suffering a Red-Haze-producing illness birthed by Infinite Flight, and despite him being a brilliant doctor, he has only been able to comfort her as her condition nears death.

Terry desperately quells her darker self and her infatuation for Eric, while he and his girlfriend enjoy her hospitality.

Under the leadership of the Songbird, Crane, the Nexus is on the move again, though aiming for a friendlier relationship.

Will excels in operating the Coltra Police, but is haunted by the ghost of the superior and mentor he helped assassinate.

Somewhere unseen, deep in the Infinite Flight system, and old enemy learns the truth, and the way back home.

Beware, the Crimson Royalty are coming.

Gain is the first of four novella-length episodes in season two of a multi-season, dystopian thriller of politics, hatred, love, bitterness, and warped minds.

Consisting of Episodes Five through Eight, the Red Season offers...

*A sensible, mind-warping, and unpredictable answer to core mysteries of the silent dystopia and its past.

*A pitch-black and blood-red continuation that pits every character through hell and back. Life, death, love, hate, brilliance, and insanity sprout and whither across the garden of the story's hefty cast of characters.

*A resolution to the tensions between Eric and Terry that must be seen to be believed.

*The Crimson Royalty, a menagerie of sadistic villains who are not what they seem.

Welcome, once again, to the silent world.

Be sure you've read Season One (Episodes 1-4) first!

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Shane Hall

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