Happiness Hack: The Beginner’s Guide to Happiness

Happiness Hack: The Beginner’s Guide to Happiness

by Joshua Strachan

Publication Date: 25/11/2018


Most people seek happiness through success. Everyone wants to be happy but only a few people are taking the right steps towards the better emotion. In the common, world, happiness is tied to success. But in reality, the expectation of success is more thrilling than happiness itself. People tend to lose the real sight of the things that make them happy until they disappear. People assume that if you work hard you can be happy. But according to a new psychology research, happiness comes from doing the opposite of hard work. Success does not bring about happiness.

The core principles of happiness are tied upon the need for human beings to improve with time, to grow as individuals and to win in a competitive environment. Happiness fuels success but success does not lead to happiness.

The engagement of the principles of happiness is elaborated simply in the Happiness Hack. You will learn about the essence of positivity and how to find a balance in a chaotic world. You will discover the hidden things happiest people do; things that help in cultivating a satisfied emotion.

Among many, you will learn…

-Why you are not happy?

-Gaining back control of your emotions

-The happiness intelligence

-The inner peace strategy

-Your relationship and happiness

-How to achieve satisfaction and emotional dependency

You will also learn…

-How to deal with negative emotions

-Facing adversities

-The laws of contentment

-Simple things that can make you happy

-How to stop being negative and thinking negatively and how you can change your mindset

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