How to Misunderstand God

How to Misunderstand God

by David Oluwatosin Oso

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 01/03/2019


Is it God's will for a brother to marry his sister so that they can create a population of mankind?

Is it God's will to wipe out the entire Amalekites (Canaanites) nation?

Is it God's will to demand Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac?

How could God bless Job and then take away all the blessings from Job?

There are so many questions we develop whenever we read the Bible, just like how many parts and verses of the Bible makes no sense at all. Because of how we read the Bible; we think of God as a bigot, sadistic, bully, and hash judge. Yet we see God as a loving God in the New Testament, from that conclusion alone makes us contradict the Bible. Many Christians say the Bible is God's words, yet how could God's word be so hard to comprehend and misunderstand?  

God gave a user-friendly promise to Abraham in a form of a picture by pointing out to Abraham how abundantly large his descendants would be; by showing him the numerous stars in the skies in order to convince Abraham and make his imagination run wild. If God can explain His promise to Abraham so simply, why is it so hard to understand some verses and stories in the bible if the Bible is God's words?

Come with me and I will explain to you how we misunderstand God whenever we read the bible. You will come to conclude the reason why God makes certain decisions, or why God allows certain things to happen. You do not need to be a scholar, Apologetic, or highly educated person to understand God.

Many questions you have or questions many ask countless times are answered in this book.

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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