How to Write Great Narrative Essays

How to Write Great Narrative Essays

by Kalvin Lee

Publication Date: 13/06/2020


Learning to write narrative essays is one of the main foundational stones in building your writing skills. But there are not many books that teach narrative essay writing. This book simplifies narrative essay writing in a way anyone with little writing experience can start writing good narrative essays.

Learning to write well requires many skills to work together. One of the reasons why some books that teach how to write does not work is that they do not teach readers the other skills necessary to become a writer. This book is different. It teaches you how to write narrative essays by teaching you all the other skills that will help you think like a writer and write like a writer.

This book starts by giving you an overview of the five types of essays. Knowing the five types is important because each type of essay has its own purpose and form. Narrative essay is one type of essay. Its primary purpose is to describe events.

Narrative essays are made up of four parts. Being able to identify the different parts and knowing how they all work together is important in learning any skills including in essay writing. You will learn how to write narrative essays using these parts.

Some narrative essays are good; some are bad. How do you know the difference? Knowing the difference is important because you want to write good essay. This book will show you the five qualities of good narrative essays so that you can use them in your own essays.

All great writers are great readers. You need to read a lot to write a lot. But before you start reading, you need to know how to read. Knowing how to read will help you understand what you read better and in the end help you write better. This book teaches you one of the most effective reading strategies: the five-step method. Then you will learn how to apply this method when you read narrative essays.

The second part of the book will teach you the actual writing process. Having learnt the other foundational skills in the first part, when you start writing your essay it should be a smooth sailing. Your writing will be automatic.

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