Humiliation and Him: The Cuckold's Tale Five Story Collection Vol. 3

Humiliation and Him: The Cuckold's Tale Five Story Collection Vol. 3

by Andrea Martin

Publication Date: 25/01/2019


Five more red-hot tales of shared wives and the cuckolds who love them, collected together in a single edition for the first time!

Kinky betrayals, submissive husbands, dominant bulls, and horny wives – this five-story collection has it all! In this book you’ll find red-hot erotic tales of cheating, cuckolding, wife sharing, and humiliation as wives and husbands push the boundaries of love and marriage to the absolute limits. Featuring blowbangs, voyeurs, cocky alphas, and men learning the real truth about keeping women happy, this compilation is guaranteed to leave readers hot and bothered!

Contains the following steamy tales:

Pandora’s Box

Do cuckolds regret sharing their wives with bigger, better, more passionate men? Bryce is beginning to wish he’d never suggested this lifestyle to his beautiful wife. While Dani eagerly prepares herself for a passionate night of fun and wild sex, Bryce can only watch and feel himself slowly going crazy with jealousy.

As the night rolls on and zero-hour approaches, Bryce reflects on the journey he and his wife have taken together, desperate to try and delay the moment Dani gives herself to another man. Bryce wanted to become a cuckold, and now his fantasy has come true. Be careful what you wish for. Once Pandora’s Box has been opened, it can never be closed again!

A Harsh Lesson

I begin my eighteenth birthday like this. Standing in a dark back yard. In the chilly night air. Staring through a window. Watching the love of my life give herself to the biggest black man I have ever seen…

The course of true love never runs smooth, but nobody has ever told that to little Danny. Tonight is his eighteenth birthday, and he has only one thing on his mind – winning the heart of his former babysitter, the beautiful, elegant, sensual Ellie. He’s racing across town to deliver his message, but what shocking reality awaits him when he reaches the woman he loves?

Gone Too Far

My wife sits in his lap, daring me across the table with her eyes. She wants me to do something. She wants me to stop this from happening. But I can’t. I want this to happen…

It’s poker night at Tommy and Morgan’s house and all the guys are coming over for beer, cards, and mischief. When Morgan’s plans change and she comes back unexpectedly, the guys start to enjoy her company a little too much for Tommy’s comfort, but he can’t say anything to stop them.

As the night slowly spirals out of control, Tommy is backed into a corner and forced to question what he truly wants his marriage to become. Will he stand up to his friends? Or will he sit and watch as everything goes too far?

Nothing Personal

‘Don’t take this the wrong way or nothing, but I’m probably gonna screw your girl tonight.’

Ryan is trying to have fun, but it’s not working. He’s at a party with his new girlfriend, Gina, surrounded by people he doesn’t know. It’s not going great, but he’s sticking it out for Gina.

But then a stranger comes along and says that he will be sleeping with Gina tonight. Ryan has no idea who this guy is, or why he’s going to seduce another man’s girl. All Ryan wants to do is take care of his date and get out of this house – but where is Gina? She’s been missing for a while now…


Who is this guy and why is my wife so excited to see him?

Liam and Nicole are heading out to a charming cabin retreat for Nicole’s high school reunion. It promises to be a fun event – reminiscing, drinking, dancing, the works.

But Nicole only has eyes for one man tonight. Instead of remaining at her husband’s side, she’s all over a handsome guy named Damon. As Liam tries to win back his wife’s affections, he learns all about Damon and his history with Nicole. Liam needs to move fast, before his wife does something she can never take back…

This collection contains previously published material. All stories can be purchased separately.

Erotic fiction
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Andrea Martin

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