I, Zombie

I, Zombie

by Sarah Billington
Publication Date: 24/11/2015

I, Zombie can't wait to eat the little girl.

The old man looks like he'd be a bit tough and gristly, and the teenage boy keeps waving that bat around, but the little girl, so rosy cheeked, so tender. Her heart beating so fast. He can't wait to hold it, hot and wet in his hands, then rip it apart with his teeth. But he isn't the only zombie to find them.

He's got a fight on his hands, but with who, was unexpected.


"Well done you. I write feature movies (horror, rom-com, sci-fi etc), have won 3 film awards, and thought every angle in the zombie genre had been explored. I was wrong, you have proven in such an original and hilarious way. To have the story run from the point of view of the zombie makes this a pleasure to read, and gives hope to the future of the horror genre. Keep doing what you do." - Vinnie Cleghorne

"This is dark and wonderfully creepy! I love your writing style, very clean, compelling and top notch" - Heather McCorkle

"I can't claim to have ever read a funny zombie story narrated by a zombie, or simply a funny zombie story as a matter of fact! But this is sinfully hilarious. And original. Having read your other work, I'm spun out that it's so different. I'm impressed." - Shirley Marr

"I always enjoy a fresh take on the zombie subgenre. Thank you." - JasonDavis

"Wow. For some reason, I found this strangely hilarious. Great job! It's always admirable-and quite refreshing-when someone isn't afraid to give gory details." - ClearasMud94

"LOL. We needed a book inside a zombie's mind. :)" - Dewdette

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Sarah Billington

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