Identity, Heritage Lost, Book I

Identity, Heritage Lost, Book I

by Christopher Lapides

Publication Date: 10/05/2015


Who am I?

He has defeated dragons, demons, wizards and tyrants. Now Callobus Swordstar must defeat a curse that threatens to consume him. To destroy the rage, he must first find out who he really is. Can he find the answers he needs before time runs out or will the ancient malady finally claim him?

Though Mileena’s presence keeps the rage at bay, Callobus knows that he cannot depend on her forever. When a past evil tries to kill them, new revelations surface that threaten to destroy everything they thought to be true. What will Callobus do when the rage evolves?

The battle inside him will be fiercer than anything he has ever faced. He has to find out who he is to truly be free and he must discover his heritage before he becomes lost forever.

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Christopher Lapides

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