In a Galaxy Far, Far AwRy book 5: The Genetic Equation

In a Galaxy Far, Far AwRy book 5: The Genetic Equation

by Liam Gibbs

Publication Date: 21/02/2018


What else should you expect when you give your address to your enemies?

Master Asinine has come up with a new scheme to rid himself of his friend-turned-nemesis, Legion: to combine the Face Blitzkrieg with gene-altering technology and make a dangerous weapon he hopes Schizophrenic won’t ridicule him for. Nice try. Schizophrenic’s on the ball.

But when Master Asinine and his gang of goons show up on the Good Guys’ home turf, Station One, with their new genetic weapons, they threaten to turn their enemies into nothing more than organic soup. Now the Good Guys have to ward off the Bad Guys, keep out of the line of fire, and protect a protestor who has shown up to speak against the lack of females in an all-male military.

Can Legion simultaneously fend off the Bad Guys, impress visiting Good Guy overseer Brigadier General Patton, and keep his sanity? It’s not even Monday!

Space opera
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Liam Gibbs

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