In the Dark

In the Dark

by Edith Nesbit

Publication Date: 26/04/2018


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Edith Nesbit is today best known for her works for children: her 1906 novel THE RAILWAY CHILDREN is a classic of the genre. Yet Nesbit had a much darker side, which revealed itself in her tales of terror and the supernatural. Most of these tales were written before the author established herself as a writer of children's stories, and were soon overshadowed, to be nearly forgotten - with one or two exceptions - for almost one hundred years.

In 1988, Hugh Lamb edited IN THE DARK for the Equation Chillers series, and has now added a further seven stories for this expanded edition. In Nesbit's twilight world, the dead return from the grave, scientists pursue knowledge to the gates of death - and beyond; souls are bartered to the Devil in exchange for one last wish; a casual wager leads to madness; and a seemingly harmless maker of models exacts a terrible price for a wrong done years before.

Horror & ghost stories
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