Ireland's Most Wanted™

Ireland's Most Wanted™

by Brian M. Thomsen

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 23/02/2012

Irish is more than a nationalityits a state of being. What other cultural background allows you to demand a kiss, celebrate the wearing of a color, toast the wee folk, and take pride in ones readiness to fight? What other land is celebrated by parades and parties and allows even the non-blessed to declare themselves countrymen for one day? From sports to poetry, and from rock n roll to Wilde and Shaw, Irelands Most Wanted™: The Top 10 Book of Celtic Pride, Fantastic Folklore, and Oddities of the Emerald Isle gives you loads of delightful tidbits and trivia from the homeland of saints, sinners, and the greatest beverage ever brewed, Guinness.

Brian M. Thomsen provides an irreverent but fact-filled look at Ireland and the Irish, leaving no stoneBlarney or otherwiseunturned in bringing her gifts to you. With a bushel full of top-ten lists on all things Irish, Thomsen takes you on a journey through the greenest of lands and provides tales and anecdotes on everything from Irish pubs, Irish castles, leprechauns and banshees, heroes and kings, and the influence of the Irish on culture. Whatever their nationality, everyone has a wee bit of the Irish in them. Irelands Most Wanted™ is a true pot of gold!
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Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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