Jack Dalton, Monster Hunter #1

Jack Dalton, Monster Hunter #1

by T S Paul

Publication Date: 01/02/2018


In 1914 the world as we know it changed. Races of creatures came to be known as Paranormals were found to be living side-by-side amoung regular humans. Magic is real and Vampires do exist.

After four long years of gruling work, Cadet Jack Dalton is graduating from the FBI Academy. He unsuspectingly is called before not the superintendant of the school but J Edgar Hoover himself! His new Assignment? Take over and run the new Magical Division of the FBI. It sounds like a big job and major commitment. Too bad he only has one Agent under his command and that Agent is himself!

Read the newest addition to the Federal Witch Universe of books. Jack Dalton, Monster Hunter.

Horror & ghost stories
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Great God Pan Publishing, Inc

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