Lady Lay

Lady Lay

by Lionel D'Aliotta
Publication Date: 18/05/2015

if something was missing from your life, how far would you go to find it?
"lady lay" is the story of one woman's search for what it takes to fill the void in her life and strike a balance between the pits and peaks of who she is as a professional, a lover, and a woman. an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, it centers on the strong, sensual Mirabella, a deep, ambitious character in her twenties, who's determined to do whatever it takes to make her mark in a mans' world any way she can. but as determined as Mirabella is, she is also distracted. something is holding her back, and if she's to be the "best" best there is, she'll have to break free from whatever it is - though she may not be prepared for all that is unleashed in her when she does.
full of passion, charm, and bittersweet fun, "lady lay" is a titillating page-turner that's sue to appeal to fans of lighthearted, romantic fiction. the first installment in a forthcoming trilogy, it's also sure to leave you desperately awaiting the next chapter of Mirabella's tumultuous tale.

Contemporary fiction
Publication Date:
Lionel D'Aliotta

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