Learn French - 1 video lesson at a time - Grammar # Questions with # D'où

Learn French - 1 video lesson at a time - Grammar # Questions with # D'où

by Vincent Lefrancois
Epub (Kobo - Fixed Layout), Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date: 13/11/2019

Before purchasing, remember that this product in a VIDEO e-book and not a regular e-book with boring and endless text to explain tricky concepts in French language.

Why make a video e-book? The answer is simple, it is just more efficient and it will help you to quicly grab the concepts that I will explain. You will also have the chance to listen to the way the words should be properly pronounced in French.

On purpose and because you need to be proactive, I won't translate ALL the words because I expect you to use an online dictionnary if needed. But in most of the cases, you will be able to understand the words and it is the best approach to make you more independant and master French language faster than if I would translate EACH AND EVERY word.

As its name indicates, "1 Video lesson at a time" will offer you for a symbolic price the chance to fully grab and master 1 specific topic in French language. Nothing less, nothing more.


About the author:

Vincent Lefrançois has taught French at higher education levels for the past 28 years and has created online educational content for the past 15 years. He is French, born in the Loire Valley, which is considered by the French Academy as "without an accent".

He has been studying at the university in Paris, lived in New York and in the Nordic Countries. He has decided to go to Helsinki (Finland) to teach at the University of Applied Sciences of Helsinki and develop educational products in one of the best and the leading country in the world in terms of education. Due to the international nature of his family, he is using three languages at home and teaches in two languages. He is the creator (in 2007) of the YouTube channel "Learn French with Vincent" that attracted tens of millions of visitors and generated hundreds of millions of views. He is also the creator of the platform French4me.net which aims to become the most complete and most efficient platform for English-speaking people who want to learn French.

Language: reference & general
Epub (Kobo - Fixed Layout), Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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