Legacy of Their People

Legacy of Their People

by Leon Taylor

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 31/08/2018


Sonja Pretty Flower didn't understand how her husband, Billy Bad Feather, could be so mistaken. His fights in town only led to another night in jail. This was 1972, surely he could see he wasn't going to be able to do what their warriors at the time their Lakota nation had been at its strongest could not. Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull had thought that together they could drive the white man from their land. With all their warriors they fought and lost. Both were killed after surrendering in peace. How did Billy think he was going to now win their land and way of life back, Sonja questioned?

For Billy, however, he would fight. He believed he would be remiss if he didn't, as he was from long line of warriors. Their sacred Black Hills had been taken from them illegaly against their treaty rights, and now their way of life was destroyed. This was the legacy of their people, which Billy couldn't accept, even though their medicine man, Old Smoke, called for peace with the white man. Billy wouldn't listen, the old men always spoke for peace. He was young and strong, and had Jumping Bear to fight with him. Chico would join. It was on their people's sacred ground that the three got drunk, however, and Billy and Chico fought one another. Their desecration of this sacred place would have its long reaching consequences.

Contemporary fiction
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Leon Taylor

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