Life With Archie #34

Life With Archie #34

by Paul KupperbergPat Kennedy Jim Amash and others
Epub (Kobo - Fixed Layout), Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date: 12/02/2014

Archie Marries Veronica—“Up in the Air!”: Archie and Veronica are doing their best to not let the tumultuous events of their lives effect the love they have for one another. And theyre doing pretty well, too, but is love enough to keep their legal battles at bay? Speaking of love and battles, Jughead and Ethel have some planning to do… but hopefully their stubbornness wont get in the way! And Kevins trying his best to not let peoples perceptions of him effect his Senate job, perhaps some encouraging words is all he needs. And Clays back to work—but things still seem new and strange. Could it just be his imagination? Archie Marries Betty—“Not So Great Expectations!”: Archies finally had enough of Bettys busy schedule—and hes not the only one! Will all of her hard work have paid off or has it only made matters worse? And who is it Archies really mad at—Betty for neglecting him? Or himself for being selfish and feeling guilty? Meanwhile, Kevin dives head first into the investigation on the nearby mall shooting after discovering that the tragedy hit closer to home than he ever could have imagined. And Jugheads waiting on bated breath as Midges due date draws closer and closer. Oh baby, things are crazy in Riverdale!

Graphic novels
Epub (Kobo - Fixed Layout), Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Archie Comic Publications, Inc

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