Living Simply, Living Rich

Living Simply, Living Rich

by Robert Lee

Publication Date: 17/05/2015


Living Simply, Living Rich offers a unique perspective on the concept of simple living. While most discussions on the topic take the position that simple living requires adherence to the idea that we must “do without” and embrace absolute minimalism, Bob Lee insists that simple living is no more the right path than capitalism or materialism. “Crash diets, whether in nutrition or lifestyles, have no chance of permanent success,” he states.

Instead, this book shows how a more focused lifestyle offers fulfillment, a responsible way of living and a more realistic approach to sustained changes in the way we interact with the world around us.

Living Simply, Living Rich works, whether you are poor or rich, middle-income or no income. It is an approach to living that remembers that the whole approach is just that: about living. Experiences replace acquisitions, relationships replace career success.

This book may be life changing, but it is not a lifestyle manual. It is a pathway to choosing your unique road. Robert Frost was right. Choosing the least travelled path will make all the difference.

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Robert Lee

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