Local All-Star Anthology 2017 - 4 Book Box Set

Local All-Star Anthology 2017 - 4 Book Box Set

by Carol MarinelliLilian Darcy Yvonne Lindsay and others

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 18/09/2017


The Wedding Ultimatum – Helen Bianchin

Danielle knew Rafael Valdez was out of her league. She'd turned to him as a last resort to help her family, but the outrageous solution he proposed turned her world upside down!

Rafael would make all Danielle's troubles disappear – if she married him and gave him an heir. The idea was shocking, intriguing, tempting! To marry this devastatingly sexy man, and share his bed? Danielle had twenty–four hours before Rafael would return to claim her...

The Sicilian's Bought Bride – Carol Marinelli

One night of tragedy brings Rico Mancini back into Catherine Masters' life. Now he's demanding that she be his bride...

If Catherine says no, she gives up custody of her orphaned niece. But if she says yes, will she be losing her heart to a man who wants her only in his bed?

Claiming His Runaway Bride – Yvonne Lindsay

The accident that had taken Belinda's memory had provided Luc with the perfect means for revenge. His beautiful bride had no recollection of fleeing her groom on their wedding day…or the real reason behind their union. All she recalled was the unbridled passion they still shared – and the steely–eyed mogul planned to take full advantage of it.

Winning Her Back – Lilian Darcy

Dr Grace Gaines had been devastated by the loss of her baby, more so as it had become clear her husband Marcus had not wanted the child.

Their marriage under threat, Marcus had taken a six–month breathing space, but he would be back on Friday, wanting a decision from Grace on whether they stayed married or not. But until Grace could find out just what Marcus had been holding back from her, how could she make that choice?

Adult & contemporary romance
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date:
Mills & Boon Special Release
Yvonne Lindsay

A typical Piscean, award winning USA Today! bestselling author, Yvonne Lindsay, has always preferred the stories in her head to the real world. Which makes sense since she was born in Middle Earth.

Married to her blind date sweetheart and with two adult children, she spends her days crafting the stories of her heart and in her spare time she can be found with her nose firmly in someone else's book.

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