Long Road Home

Long Road Home

by Jeff Mariotte
Publication Date: 09/05/2015

As Heard on NPR!

Jeffrey J. Mariotte read "Long Road Home" aloud at the KUAZ/NPR studios on the University of Arizona campus. After the producers added music and sound effects, the reading aired on the station's "Arizona Spotlight" holiday program, and was made available online. The short story offered in this e-book (approx 1200 words) is exactly as it appeared on the air, and includes a link to listen online or download the MP3 for free.

"Long Road Home" is a weird tale, not exactly horror but most definitely creepy and slightly dark. Jeffrey J. Mariotte is most known as a novelist and comic book writer, but his reputation for delivering excellent short stories, full of character and heart, is growing all the time.

Horror & ghost stories
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Jeff Mariotte

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