Lord Of Fire

Lord Of Fire

by Brent Nichols

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 21/12/2014


Brother Godfrey trained his whole life with the warrior monks of the Iron Mountain. He spent years honing his mind and body, preparing himself for the greatest test a monk could face, the test that would allow him to don the white robes of a senior monk.

He failed.

Now, cast out from the monastery, he is the guardian of a mysterious blue orb, the key to unimaginable power, to awakening the greatest dragon the world has ever known, the Lord of Fire. He's supposed to deliver the orb to a legendary monk named Father Methus. Godfrey doesn't know a lot about the outside world, but with the fate of the world at stake, he's determined to succeed.

The journey will not be easy. Others know about the orb and its power, and they will kill to possess it.

He didn't intend to assemble a team, but somehow they keep showing up. There is Gnarl, the bearman who is searching for his father. Everyone knows bearmen are savage killers, pitiless and unstoppable, but Gnarl just wants to be liked.Hazel has committed an unforgiveable crime, practicing magic without the permission of the Wizards' Guild. Her village wants to burn her at the stake. Helping a couple of lunatics save the world is no part of her plans, but with death as the alternative, she'll go along. Hunted by soldiers, tracked by a wizard with powers far beyond her own, and haunted by the dark side of her own nature, she is determined to carve out her place in the world or die trying.

Salim mucks out stables by day and dreams of adventure by night. He sees the quest to deliver the orb as the chance of a lifetime until things go terribly wrong. With a dark magic invading his body, only death can save him from becoming the biggest threat of all to his companions.Carmina is facing the worst thing she can imagine a forced marriage to a cold and scheming man older than her parents. Duke Marhan doesn't care if his new bride doesn't like him. He's got bigger plans, like getting his hands on the orb so he can take over the world. When he captures Godfrey's band of heroes, Carmina must decide where her loyalties lie, and what price she will pay to stand up for what she believes.

They are an unlikely group of heroes, but they are the only thing standing between an unsuspecting world and the devastating rise of the Lord of Fire.

Science fiction
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date:
Double Dragon Publishing

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