Lost, and Far From Home

Lost, and Far From Home

by Philip R Benge

Publication Date: 30/10/2017


The starship Sirius Star suffers a near total loss of power as it approaches the planet Malletta, and only narrowly averts a disastrous crash upon the planet. Even so, it desperately needs to find some replacement power crystals to replace the broken ones, even ones in their natural state will suffice. Luckily, they do have a device though will locate them, it does, but in the dangerous highlands of the planet, and after almost dying on the trip, the captain returns to the starship with a supply of the crystals. Unfortunately, he has incurred the wrath of a local who has sworn to kill him, and when the local teams up with a space pirate, the resulting clash sends the starship spinning through hyperspace to the other side of the galaxy. Their position is unknown; therefore, all they have to do is to find their way home across space without knowing which direction will take them there. The resulting encounters on the way put their lives in danger numerous times, and only the bravery of all on board will save their lives, their starship and see them home.

Science fiction
Publication Date:
Philip R Benge

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