Lost Loot of Lima

Lost Loot of Lima

by Christopher Fox

Publication Date: 12/12/2019


A lost treasure found, an abduction, a daring rescue.

Lima, Peru, 1820.

As revolts against colonial rule roil South America, the Viceroy of Lima loads the riches of the city and the Catholic Church onto a ship for safekeeping. The captain in charge betrays the Viceroy, hides the loot, and escapes the clutches of the conquistadors, never to be seen again.

Costa Rican Territories, Present Day.

Kyle MacDonald and his girlfriend Jenny have traded in the hotel business for fishing and commercial sea exploration. While diving off the coast of Cocos Island, they discover a cache of sunken treasure—loot that may be part of the lost Treasure of Lima.

Worried about their safety, Kyle hides the treasure on the island. However, a Colombian cartel gets word of the find and abducts Jenny for leverage. Kyle must find a way to rescue Jenny and outwit the ruthless kidnappers, even if it means using extraordinary measures that will push him beyond his limits and risk both of their lives in the process.

“The books latter half is an action-packed romp, as a daring rescue takes the team on an extended chase. A thriller with sound action and a reliable protagonist…” - Kirkus Reviews

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