Miller Plays: 6

Miller Plays: 6

by Arthur Miller

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 30/03/2015


Miller Plays: 6 is the final volume in Methuen Drama's acclaimed series of work by Arthur Miller who, during his lifetime, was acknowledged as 'the greatest American dramatist of our age' (Evening Standard). Featuring two plays from the 1990s and his final two plays (2002 and 2004), it is the first ever publication of Miller's final play, Finishing the Picture. Inspired by his experience during the filming of The Misfits with

his then wife Marilyn Monroe, the play was completed and produced at

the Goodman Theatre, Chicago, just months before the playwright's death

in Feburary 2005.

Broken Glass (1994) is set in Brooklyn in 1938 and

intertwines a woman's obsession with the news from Germany that

government thugs are smashing Jewish stores, with her strange

relationship with her husband. 'It balances private lives with public

morality. . . it is also an amazingly full-blooded piece, bursting with pain and passion.' (Daily Telegraph). Mr Peter's Connections

(1998) is an unforgettable journey through one man's mind at a time of

suspended consciousness, where the living and dead intermingle in his

memory. Resurrection Blues is Miller's astonishing black comedy

set in a South American banana republic, that satirises global politics

and the predatory nature of a media-saturated culture.

The volume also features a chronology of the writer's work and an introduction by Enoch Brater, professor of English Literature at the University of Michigan.

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller was one of America's leading dramatist.

His plays include Death of a Salesman (1940), The Crucible (1953) and A View From the Bridge (1955).

He is also the author of a novel, Focus (1945), and several non-fiction works.

Miller adapted the screenplay for The Misfits from his own short story.

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