Modern Marijuana Living

Modern Marijuana Living

by Michael Green

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 15/07/2014


Normal.dotm0015823323The Dunham Group, Inc.276408012.00false18 pt18 pt00falsefalsefalseModern Marijuana Living represents the real marijuana user of today, who is compassionate, intelligent, creative, stylish and, when necessary—very responsible and professional. Whether the reader is smoking for the first time or is a seasoned smoker, Michael Green’s book offers valuable information, practical tips and fresh concepts to help the marijuana user avoid letting the plant they enjoy get in the way of the other things they do in their lives. Navigating the ever-changing and sometimes unfamiliar path to the American Dream is growing more and more difficult. Using the experience, ideas and philosophy of author Michael Green, who is a successful entrepreneur in the medical marijuana industry, readers will learn how to be a more knowledgeable consumer and balance a healthy, modern marijuana lifestyle that will promote a positive vibe with others and make their place in the world a constructive one. The author asks his readers: Are you tired of being referred to as the Cheech and Chong of your group of friends? Are you tired of being stigmatized for choosing a safer recreational alternative to any known drug, including alcohol or tobacco? Are you tired of being constantly judged or criticized for making an informed decision to choose marijuana to treat a variety of ailments over pharmaceuticals? Marijuana users are tired of being judged in such a negative light despite the fact that many are knowledgeable consumers and have been some of the greatest thinkers in our society, past and present, including: Sir Richard Branson,Bill Gates,Steve Jobs,Stephen King,Queen Victoria, Carl Sagan,Ted Turner, and George Washington. Readers will learn about the social rules and personal habits necessary to responsibly represent today's marijuana culture and the importance of staying informed on the issues relating to marijuana. The information and advice provided in this book will help marijuana users be better prepared to take accountability for their actions and go into the world as open-minded, enlightened members of the marijuana world. Modern Marijuana Living also offers guidance on applying the information provided to everyday scenarios that will help make any relationship with marijuana and the modern marijuana lifestyle a healthier and more informed one. Topics discussed in the book include: * Basic dating concepts that have the best odds for success from the beginning when searching for a compatible 420 friendly partner or can help to avoid letting Mary Jane let your dream partner slip through your fingers once you find them. How to ensure a great experience when you travel and enjoy your favorite hobbies. How to handle yourself around friends and family to ensure you don't make yourself look bad or make them feel uncomfortable. Learn essential information about marijuana strains to maintain consumer awareness for the sake of your health and your finances. Avoid letting up on regular grooming. Etiquette: A crash course in becoming the ultimate well-rounded guest or hosting your own marijuana themed get-together so that your epic MJ meet-up doesn't turn into a stoner disaster. An introduction of some concepts to help marijuana users start to curb some everyday habits and bypass some of the common problems caused by marijuana abuse Modern Marijuana Living promotes a new evolution of today's marijuana user's image from a Cheech and Chong, Reefer Madness slacker, to a high functioning, informed member of society. The author encourages a new standard of excellence from today's marijuana culture and aims to establish a responsible code of behavior, knowledge and understanding for all. Throughout his book, the author invites readers to discover the modern, healthy, and positive ways to safely and enjoyably keep marijuana in their life while maximizing their potential and finding their special place in the wo

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Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Dunham Books
Michael Green

Michael Green is a freelance writer, researcher, and photographer. He specializes in military subjects and has authored and co-authored more than 90 books. His books have been translated into a number of languages, including German, Japanese, and Georgian.

In addition, Green has authored and co-authored numerous articles for a variety of national and international military-related magazines including Armor: The Magazine of Mobile Warfare, and Jane's Defense Weekly.

Green is a lifetime member of the Marine Corps Tanker's Association and a tour guide at the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation.

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