Murder Mystery 10th Anniversary Book Collection (False Cargo, Hurricane, Mouthpiece and The Slickers)

Murder Mystery 10th Anniversary Book Collection (False Cargo, Hurricane, Mouthpiece and The Slickers)

by L. Ron Hubbard

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 21/10/2018


***"Constant action, vivid writing, and plot twists."***—Ellery Queen

***"This is escapism at its finest, validated by generations of readers."***—The Strand

***"Vivid action writing, exotic backgrounds, suspenseful situations, and storytelling expertise carry the reader on a fast ride."***—Mystery Scene

A master of thrilling detective stories, L. Ron Hubbard’s stories of mystery, detection and investigative procedure were exceedingly well wrought.

Written from firsthand experience with systematic research and the fascinating realities of forensic medicine, Ron crafted stories with accurate and factual detail which injected authenticity into his popular detective fiction.

Here are ten stories, in four volumes, fashioned with fast, spare, vivid style that plunge the reader into the inside circle of danger within a maze of crime, always with the delineating sense of reality that epitomizes L. Ron Hubbard’s fiction, whatever the genre.

Readers looking for taut, sharp-edged crime stories with ambiguous clues and the pursuit of uncertain truth, will find them here:

Mouthpiece: Imagine that your father is one of New York City’s top gangsters, he’s been murdered ... and you’re the only person who gives a damn. Meet Mat Lawrence, a stand-up guy who’s out for revenge. But there’s even more at stake. Because when Mat’s old man went down a million dollars went missing. Put it all together—a cold-blooded murder and a cool million gone—and it’s a pretty good bet that the one thing Mat is sure to find is some serious heat.

Also includes the tales of mystery, "Flame City", the story of one man’s harrowing attempt to save his father and the city from a serial arsonist; "Calling Squad Cars!", in which a police dispatcher goes to extraordinary lengths to bring down a gang of bank robbers after he is accused of working with them; and "Grease Spot", the story of a former racecar driver, now the owner of a wrecking company, who plays fast and loose with the police… and may have to pay for it.

The Slickers: Tex Larimee, a grizzled sheriff, leaving the deserts of Cactus County, Arizona, behind and blazing a trail East to mix it up with The Slickers in the canyons of New York. Robbed of his cash, gun and badge, and accused of murdering his best friend, Tex’s welcome to the city is a rude one. But he’s got a few tricks of his own up his sleeve—and in his recovered Colt .45—to make even the toughest of city birds sing a different tune. Strap on your six-gun and spurs and take a bite out of the Big Apple as The Slickers mixes up Wild West action with big city suspense.

Also includes the mysteries "Killer Ape", in which a man frees a mistreated orangutan, only to end up with a monkey on his back, as he’s accused of aiding and abetting the ape in a case of murder; and "Murder Afloat", the story of a top narcotics cop in the U.S. Secret Service who’s pursuit of a million-dollar score could land him in some hot—and deadly—water.

Hurricane: Wrongfully accused, Captain Spar has been condemned to Devil’s Island. But now, escaping, he’s out to kill the man who put him there. A storm is brewing, but even in the face of natural disaster, Spar discovers that nothing is more dangerous than human nature. Here’s your ticket for a cruise to the Caribbean—with danger at every turn—as Hurricane sweeps you away.

False Cargo: Insurance investigator Brent Calloway may be too hard-boiled to crack a smile, but he’ll go to any length to crack a case. Calloway’s about to go to extremes to see to it that one ship makes it safely from Hawaii to the mainland. Going undercover and posing as ruthless killer Spike O’Brien, Calloway quickly discovers that on this ship nothing is what it seems, and no one can be trusted. Rattling machine guns, howling winds, and ship-tossing waves come together as the False Cargo delivers a full payload of action and intrigue.

Also includes the sea adventure "Grounded," in which a Royal Air Force lieutenant loses a friend and tarnishes his reputation, and sets out in search of redemption… matter the price.

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