Murder@ the Black Mesa Café

Murder@ the Black Mesa Café

by Marty Knox

Publication Date: 17/07/2018


A Riveting Southwest Cozy Crime Mystery

Who Murdered Mom?

A toxic mom instigates her own Murder at the Black Mesa Café, Arizona.

Cyber forensic analyst, Minerva Doyle, and her husband, Michael Doyle, retired ATF agent, look forward to a romantic weekend at the local Bed and Breakfast off Old Route 66.

Newlyweds Minerva and Michael, play their favorite guessing game 'a la Sherlock Holmes' while eating supper at the quirky Black Mesa Café, Arizona. A welder, a lawman, and an elderly woman fall under the couples' scrutiny.

Mary Steven, a tyrannical matriarch, collapses at the next table, While Michael gives Mary CPR, Minerva calls 911 and clears the hovering clan out of the EMT's way.

The next day, after the woman dies at the local hospital, town Marshal Charles Dubois interviews eyewitnesses, Minerva and Michael Doyle. Then he warns the Doyles, "Protect yourselves, the Steven's clan is infamous for lawsuits." The Good Samaritans soon learn rescuing a helpless victim in trouble can cause financial ruin.

In the meantime, Minerva needs to use her forensic skills to discover the real person behind Mrs. Steven's death, while Michael defends his reputation from a wrongful accusation.

As Minerva and Michael investigate motives of town folks and the Steven's family, they search for the real culprit. Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? Who murdered Mom?

Crime & mystery
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White Barn Books

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