Names for Nothingness

Names for Nothingness

by Georgia Blain
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date: 01/10/2012

In her final year at school, Caitlin meets Fraser, a Satya Deva devotee, on the bus. Her life is instantly changed, and she gives up everything to be with him and to follow his faith. Her past means nothing to her - all that matters is that she is with her new family, a family who can give her what she needs as she pursues a path that involves denying the person she once was and the people she once loved.

Her parents, Liam and Sharn, have reached an impasse. Sharn spends her days resenting Liam and his inaction; Liam spends his watching video footage of his family in happier times. With Caitlin's sudden disappearance, the relationship is stretched even further, almost to breaking point.

When Sharn finally tracks Caitlin down, what she discovers will force her to take matters into her own hands. If her daughter won't come home, she'll make her.

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date:
Georgia Blain

Georgia Blain published novels for adults and young adults, essays, short stories and a memoir. Her first novel was the bestselling Closed For Winter, which was made into a feature film.

Her books have been shortlisted for numerous awards including the NSW and SA Premier’s Literary Awards, and the Nita B. Kibble Award for her memoir Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Georgia’s most recent works include The Secret Lives of Men, Too Close to Home and YA novel Darkwater.

In 2016 she published Between a Wolf and a Dog (Scribe) and Special (Random House Australia), a speculative fiction novel that explores science, technology and commerce and how they could affect our lives in the near future. She passed away in December 2016.

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