Night Classes

Night Classes

by Peter Moon and Peter Moon

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 13/05/2020


When unexpectedly confronted by an expupil, schoolmistress Hannah Smart can scarcely imagine what is about to follow. Now a successful journalist, Lionel Oxley confesses how, whilst in her class, he developed the most intense crush on Hannah. Initially shocked, Hannah has to handle a further revelation when Lionel declares he used to fantasise about her keeping him behind after school for detention, followed by a spot of corporal punishment. Against her better judgement, but otherwise faced with a solitary night at home, Hannah agrees to meet her former star student for dinner. A weird and bizarre game in the restaurant follows, changing the lives of Hannah and Lionel forever. And this is just the start of a merrygoround of incidents for the two protagonists. Plunged into a maelstrom, they soon find there is always a price to pay for indiscretion. But by now, do they care? Consumed by an unconventional relationship, they seem intent on placing it before anything else as they become ever more embroiled in the affair of a lifetime. Essentially a FemDom tale and a true one (with an appendix by Hannah), despite frankness and candour, questions are raised. For example: who is now the teacher and who is the pupil? This develops into a complex tale with several twists and turns. Not only is the sexual content strong without being unnecessarily explicit, but the outcome unpredictable.

Erotic fiction
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date:
Pink Flamingo Media

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