No Place Like Amestraton

No Place Like Amestraton

by Chris Mitchell

Publication Date: 09/05/2015


For Henry, it's about avoiding a repeat of the desperate struggles he faced as a child. He does not want the mistakes of the past repeated, and his work as a mercenary is a means to this end, for the one thing he desires above all else.

For Mary, it's about escaping the monotony of her work serving one of the wealthiest men in Amestraton. Regardless of what may come, she is determined to move away from the only life she has known, and onto the path that she has chosen.

For both of them, the goal is simple enough: to build a better life together. However, the conflicting politics of the city - and the sudden arrival of a living legend - put everything they have worked for at risk. Regardless of outcome, the decisions they must make could very well change the future of the city they call home...

Publication Date:
Chris Mitchell

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