On Becoming a Counselor: 24 Secrets Revealed

On Becoming a Counselor: 24 Secrets Revealed

by Dr Paras
Publication Date: 17/07/2020

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Are you a practicing counselor? Or are you aiming to be one? You are about to get 24 secrets that will help you ace your counseling skills.

'On Becoming a Counselor' by Dr. Paras goes into the depths of counseling while explaining Dr. Paras' well-kept secrets now revealed in an easy-to-read format. This book acts as a handy guide to elevate your studies in an exciting and rewarding field. If you particularly love to guide and motivate people, it acts as a complete resource that provides a strong framework with a roadmap to master one's counseling skills.

Counseling skills are best mastered by deepening the practice. With this book, you learn the History of Counseling as a career while understanding details about an Informed Consent in the counseling process. The book explores many practices in 24 detailed chapters that act as a guiding light for all professionals. The purpose of counseling is to work towards improving people's lives and build their mental strength to resolve problems. A professional counselor and ICF and EMCC certified coach, Dr. Paras shares his expertise gathered over 16+ years of professional practice. This makes it a must-have in your reading list.

Coach Dr. Paras (Founder at Matrrix, India) is a professional with international awards and certifications to his credit. He works with his clients in India and abroad, striving to improve the lives of all through his sessions, books, blogs, podcasts, and more. His works have also appeared in prominent publications. He holds a vision to rebuild lives through the power of his coaching and counseling skills. Through this book, he aspires to reach maximum counselors to work towards his vision.

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