One For The Roses (a Brian Cole Novel)

One For The Roses (a Brian Cole Novel)

by Randall Spicer

Publication Date: 08/03/2014


The elements are there.They have what it takes. An exceptional trainer,a world class jockey. Both are teamed with the most talented colt to come along in years. Their goal is to achieve what the racing world thrives on,to sweep the famed Triple Crown. Yes the Derby,the Preakness and the Belmont. However when you have money,prestige and fame linked together you can be sure that evil lurks in every shadow to the point no one can be trusted. To trust would be fatal in a game that has neither rules nor loyalty. Thoroughbred jockey Brian Cole badly wanting to retire and would if not for one more chance at the roses with the talented colt he has secured the mount upon. Although now he realizes that he should just have walked away after the first night of what became a reoccurring nightmare. He didn't though and now an unseemly inheritance has been placed at his feet,one that won't allow him to walk away,it has only sucked him deeper into the madness. So now the race is on,not only to solve the murders but also to win the coveted blanket of roses which is the first stepping stone to the Triple Crown. The big question though; is Brian Cole and the colt the team for those special roses that bloom only on the first Saturday of May?

Crime & mystery
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Randall Spicer

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