Own Your Sh!t

Own Your Sh!t

by Tim Richardson

Publication Date: 23/05/2019


“Authentic. Honest. Transparent… It has been a powerful transformation for Tim, and it can be for anyone that embraces his Own Your Sh!t rules and applies them to the four key areas of their lives.”

– Doug Anthony, Tim Hortons Franchisee and former VP for Western Canada.

From the hand-me-downs of small town poverty to designer Italian suits, Tim Richardson looked like he had achieved the rags to riches dream—at least on the outside. But when a wake-up call from his beloved wife forced him to re-examine his life, Tim knew it was time for him to finally own his sh!t.

Within these raw and vulnerable pages, Tim shares with you the story of the personal journey he made to shed seventy pounds, drop his self-destructive habits, and save his marriage and family. By remembering the morals his parents and grandfather instilled in him and pulling from the wisdom of his mentors, Tim created 15 Rules for Owning Your Sh!t that reflect his Four Foundations of living a truly successful life:

  1. Health/Wellness

  2. Relationships

  3. Money/Career

  4. Spirituality

By the end of Own Your Sh!t, you'll understand how your past shaped who you are today, what matters most to you, and how to change the parts of your life that need their own wake-up call (or kick in the ass). If this regular guy who came up through the school of hard knocks can do it, so can you.

Get ready to Own Your Sh!t

“It is rare to find people who have the courage to face events that have defined their lives and gain knowledge from them. To put those experiences in writing and share them with the world, as Tim has done, is an amazing accomplishment. His raw honesty about his own events and the ability to share them so that others may learn and improve their lives is a gift to be valued.” – Larry Lovis, author of Mapping Your Retirement Road: A No-Nonsense Guide to a Financially Better Life.

“Tim is offering every one of us a gift with this message. It’s practical, memorable and crucial. Can’t wait to see Tim Richardson OWN THE STAGE with Own Your Shit.” – Vicki Goodfellow Duke, Communications Professor at Mount Royal University

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Tim Richardson

Tim Richardson is a garden historian and critic of contemporary landscape architecture whose published work incluldes English Gardens in the Twentieth Century, Arcadian Friends: Inventing the English Landscape Garden and Great Gardens of America (9780711228863).

He writes regularly for newspapers and magazines including the Daily Telegraph, Gardens Illustrated and Country Life. Tim was founding editor of New Eden, gardens editor of Country Life and landscape editor at Wallpaper* magazine. He is a trustee of The Garden History Society and serves on the gardens advisory panel of the National Trust.

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