Paul Temple Intervenes (A Paul Temple Mystery)

Paul Temple Intervenes (A Paul Temple Mystery)

by Francis Durbridge

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 13/08/2015


Sir Graham Forbes of Scotland Yard often calls upon Paul Temple to help with his latest unfathomable case… In a small country lane, the well-known American, Myron Harwood, is found dead. The murder heralds the start of a spate of celebrity deaths – and each time the victim is found with a small white piece of cardboard, bearing the inscription ‘The Marquis’. When a woman is pulled from the river with the same note attached to her dress, Paul Temple sends a note to Sir Graham Forbes. His message reads: ‘is it true what they say about Rita?’ Rita Cartwright was a private detective hired to investigate the Marquis murders – and now she is the eighth victim. The police are baffled and the Home Secretary is calling for Paul Temple to intervene…

Classic crime
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date:
HarperCollins Publishers
Francis Durbridge

Francis Henry Durbridge was born 25th November 1912 in Hull. In addition to writing mysteries for radio and television, Durbridge also forged a successful career as a writer for the stage and wrote 43 novels.

Durbridge married Norah Lawley in 1940, they had two sons. He died at his home in Barnes aged 85 in 1998.

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