by Jon Kelly

Publication Date: 22/12/2014


TRAVEL WITH JON KELLY ON HIS ROAD TO REDEMPTION through the Postmodern Era into the nonconformity of the punk-rock eighties, addiction, and occult worship in suburban Midwest America. Experience his transformation by Jesus Christ on Halloween of 1997, followed by a great consuming fire. Phoenix Road is a climactic personal narrative and theological discourse including over 400 footnotes and a detailed index of subject matter for quick reference on the road.

“May your spirit rise and your heart burn! This is Phoenix Road.”

Born into a whirlwind of clashing cultures in November of 1975, Jon’s early years quickly tumbled into a tailspin: family divorce, abuses, identity, addiction, demons, and his very existence itself plagued him. Haunted by the questions that unearth the breath and spirit of one’s soul—and driven for answers—Jon abandoned himself to a life in pursuit of his Creator.

On Halloween eve at age twenty-two Jon’s path came to an abrupt crossroads. While eternity’s clock ticked midnight, Jon stood prepared to “shatter all forms and boundaries of existence.” Caught in Satan’s snare ravaged and destitute, Jon found himself agonizing on his knees before the arms of a heroic Savior. In exchange for his charred and broken life, Christ’s all-consuming fire set Jon’s heart ablaze with freedom and new life he had never imagined.

Jon has since risen to new heights and soared to new lands. Where will Jon travel, and whom will Jon meet next on Phoenix Road?

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