by John Metcalfe

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 20/02/2014


It’s always easy to trace the breadcrumb trail backwards and note the causes retrospectively, but what if you could see the signs beforehand? What if you could filter out the noise? Could you tune into weak signals and know the future? Lee believed you could. What’s more he was proving it could be done in some of the most unpredictable environments.

Praesagium follows three strangers who are preoccupied with their own futures. But when their paths cross in Mexico none of them had foreseen the outcome…


'A brilliant piece of fiction writing. Metcalfe does a great job of bringing an intriguing set of characters to life through a fantastic plot that twists and turns on its way to Mexico. As the title of the book suggests, a real sense of foreboding builds as the story unfolds to a climax that hits you like a hammer. I couldn't put this down.'

'Beautifully crafted novel featuring disparate characters inevitably linked by fate, some by actions, others by mere mentions. They are all brought to life so superbly as the plot twists and turns, at times like a slalom skier, yet other times like wisps of smoke caught in the breeze, but all inexorably heading to a brilliant climax that can almost be likened to the click of a switch. Very well constructed storyline that grips you to the end.'

Thriller / suspense
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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John Metcalfe

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