Price of Allegiance

Price of Allegiance

by Alex Shvartsman

Publication Date: 29/03/2013


Earth's ambassador to the Galactic Union wants his superiors to choose loyalty over technological advancement. But, when it comes to the interstellar politics, the choices are never what they seem.

Humanity has finally reached the stars and joined the Galactic Union -- but they are its most junior members. Ambassador Tobin must watch from the sidelines as the species that matter conduct the business of galactic politics and control access to the Union database -- a repository of knowledge that Earth covets but isn't given access to because they have little to contribute in return.

When the situation suddenly changes, Earth is given a chance at a shortcut -- but it comes at a steep price. Tobin must make difficult choices and stand up to his superiors in order to protect the very soul of humanity.

Science fiction
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Alex Shvartsman

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