Quarantine Notes: Documenting of a Fateful Event

Quarantine Notes: Documenting of a Fateful Event

by James Ford
Publication Date: 06/05/2020

Are you a good person? Nevermore than amid this raging Coronavirus pandemic has this question been more important.

We breathe at a time when half of the world’s population lives under some form of constraint and isolation. Most of us are experiencing major shocks to their life systems and difficulties they never thought they would need to face. We are, as of a few months, standing in terra incognita, trying to map a world we aspire to live in tomorrow.

It is of vital importance that we stay informed and lose our fear of action, but, more importantly, that our actions are those of kindness and bravery, not fear and resentment.

This short read endeavors to spark a little light into the heart of whoever cares to listen.

James C. Ford provides an interesting map of information and opinions on the Covid-19 pandemic, in an attempt to inspire individuals to investigate this ongoing crisis and learn something about themselves while they do so.

The question is posed. Are you a good person? I know, I am not...

21st century history: from c 2000 -
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James Ford

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